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Villa du Pont - 3, boulevard Princesse Charlotte - 98000 Monaco   Tél. : +377 97 77 70 00

The very first office opened in Monaco at the very heart of the Principality. The office was located right on the famous Monaco Grand Prix F1 race track,    on the Port Hercules 1er. 

It is now relocated in Monte-Carlo in a bright new place, the ex-Sella bank, elevated on 3 floors with large open spaces. It is conveniently placed near the train station, the bus stop and the center of the city. The Monaco Team include multi-lingual international agents.

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Les Résidences de Roquebrune - 26, avenue Paul Doumer - 06190 Roquebrune Cap martin - Tél. : +33 (0)4 22 13 53 80

The office has been opened in France to legally be entitled to perform transactions in France. The French Riviera team has a deep insight into prestigious villas in the South of France that are available for rent and for sale. 

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1 Rue Saint Tropez , 83990 Saint-Tropez - Tel. : +33 (0)7 86 97 95 31

The most recent office of the group recently opened in Saint-Tropez and is located in the center of Saint-Tropez. The team  proposes villa rentals, sales and management.

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Route de Collex, Bellevue 1293 Genève - Tel. : +377.97.777.000

The Geneva office was opened to scout and propose real estate investment opportunities in a safe and stable environment to our clientele. It is located in Bellevue, Geneva and is composed of 5 individuals.

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