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Real Estate Agent SPARK and PARTNERS

The Spark and Partners group is a key player in high-end transactions on the French Riviera, Monaco and Geneva. It includes 4 real estate agencies and 30 employees.

The group operates in the areas of sales, classic rental, seasonal rental, management and syndic.
Every year, hundreds of individuals consider becoming a real estate agent, sometimes as part of a professional retraining.
It is essential to ask the right questions before making a decision.
It is important to know the activity of the real estate agent and in particular the qualities required to exercise this exciting profession.

1 - What qualities  are required?

To become a fulfilled Real Estate Agent, you have to have commercial flair but above all be honest, like to convince, negotiate, discuss and always be attentive.
Diplomacy, empathy, availability, being proactive and having a spirit of persuasion are the other great qualities to possess.
Being persistent and being organized are essential assets of our profession.
It is a job in the field that requires mobility and time.
The legislation must be mastered by the commercial as well as the real estate law, the sectors worked for an accompaniment in the best condition of the customers and in particular in the high-end sector.
Proficiency in several languages, especially English, is a significant asset.

2 - What does the profession of real estate agent consist of?

The profession of real estate negotiator consists in assisting and advising individuals or professionals in the process of a real estate project, whether it is a sale/rental transaction or management/trustee.
He is the privileged intermediary between two clients.
To become a real estate agent, the candidate must have a sense of customer contact and an ability to listen.
Commercial at heart, he must combine a perfect knowledge of the market and real estate law.
The days of a real estate salesperson are different every day and his daily life is punctuated by several tasks, mainly outdoors.

3 - For which career?

Experience is essential to progress in the real estate career.
He can specialize in different types of fields: in the transaction, the life annuity, in commercial or industrial real estate, in new real estate, or associate other sectors, such as the trades of manager or trustee of building .

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