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Estimate your property at the "right price"

The estimation of a property is a crucial step in the sale of a property. It is not in the seller's interest to over- or undervalue it. To set the "right price", it is necessary to evaluate a certain number of points objectively. On the one hand, the buyer wants to get a "good deal". On the other hand, the owner wants to sell at the "best price". How do you go about estimating your property? What is a good price?

For the seller, it is often above the market price. The owner, who has an emotional relationship with his property, tends to lose objectivity. It is all the more biased as he generally wishes to realize a capital gain.

For the buyer, the "best price" will be, on the contrary, below the market rates. In fact, he will tend to scrutinize the slightest defects to better negotiate the purchase price. Between the two estimates, there is the "fair price". The one that allows to sell a house within the average time (between 3 and 5 months according to the experts).

The influence of the environment in the estimation of a property

In the same city, differences can be observed between neighborhoods but also from one street to another. The environment, the attractiveness of the area, the reputation of the neighborhood, the presence of local shops, good schools, the feeling of security, the development prospects of the territory...
All these elements have an influence on the selling price and will therefore be taken into account in the estimation of your property.

Estimating a property : evaluate its strengths and weaknesses

The characteristics of the house and the building also have an influence on the selling price.
To estimate a property, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the property to determine a price per square meter.
In general, we start with the average price of the building, which is weighted according to the strengths of the property (we talk about a premium) and its defects (we apply a discount).
Once the analysis is complete, we obtain an average price per square meter that is multiplied by the total surface area of the property. In Monaco, the lowest price per square meter for a property is 31,667 euros and is found particularly on the Jardin Exotique side, the average price corresponds to 53,126 euros, while the highest price is 89,005 euros and is found particularly between the Monte Carlo and Larvotto districts.

Why go through an agency to estimate your property? Limit the buyer's negotiation margin

The estimation of a property by a professional will allow you to benefit from substantial arguments to justify the asking price to the buyer. Indeed, the levers that he could activate to try to lower the price of the property will have already been anticipated at the time of his estimate.

Selling as soon as possible

A poorly set selling price can easily raise the buyer's doubts. If your ad stays online too long, potential buyers will be suspicious and will see it as a sign of a problem with your property.            A professional will make sure to take all the elements into account to set the right price, this will give credibility to your ad and allow a sale in the shortest possible time.

Simplify the selling process

This does not only apply to the estimation of a property. Indeed, the professional will take care to provide you with all the information and to ask you for all the necessary documents. He will make sure that nothing is forgotten or left to chance in your file.

Free up time

Going through an agency will also free up all the time you would have spent investigating when estimating your property. Whether it is to know the price per square meter in the surrounding area or to know the exact living space.

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